Zhang Xinmin

Mr. Zhang Xinmin, Han, was born in Beijing on December 1962. He joined the Communist Party of China on June 1985. He holds a doctoral degree in management. He is a professor, doctoral advisor and expert, and distinguished professor recognized by the State Council.

Mr. Zhang received his bachelor degree in Engineering from the major of automatic engineering at North China University of Technology. He obtained the master degree in economics at Renmin University in July 1989. He earned the doctoral degree in management on March 2001 after his graduation from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.

From August 1983 to August 1986, he taught at North China University of Technology. In August 1989, he joined UIBE. He acted as the Vice Dean of the College of International Business Administration from September 1994. He acted as the Secretary of the CPC Division and the Vice Dean of the College of International Business Administration from June 1999. In December 1999, he was designated as the dean of the College of International Business Administration (now the Business School at UIBE). During this period, he was promoted to lecturer in 1992, special vice professor in 1995, and professor in 1999. He has long devoted himself to the study of accounting and financial management. In 2000, he put forward the Financial Situation Quality Analysis in Enterprises Theory. He was selected as a member of “New Century Elite Supporting Plan” organized by the Ministry of Education in 2006. He has published dozens of theses on accounting and financial management in Accounting Studies, China Industry Economy, Finance and Economics and the Management Commentary of NanKai University. He has also published books such as the Study on Financial Situation Quality Analysis in Enterprises Theory, the Financial Strategy of Enterprises and teaching materials such as the Financial Statement Analysis in Enterprises. He has hosted many projects from the National Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Beijing and other national and provincial research projects. He has received awards in research at the provincial and ministerial level. He was designated as the member of the Tenth CPC Committee of UIBE in July 2005.

He has given a variety of lessons such as Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management of Enterprises, Auditing, International Accounting, the Analysis of Entrepreneurial Economic Activity, Financial Statement Analysis of Enterprises, etc. to bachelor, master as well as Ph.D. students. He was recognized as a famous professor in Beijing in 2006. He is now a member of the National MBA Education Guiding Committee, the China Securities Regulatory Commission Issuance Division Committee, Senior Chartered Certified Accountants in ACCA, an experienced fellow of CPA Australia, and a senior Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant.

He was designated the standing member of the Party Committee and the vice president of the University of International Business and Economics from May 2009.

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