Henri Malosse

Henri Malosse is the 30th President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). He is the author of over fifty reports as Member of the EESC since 1995, including a highly critical analysis of the Bolkestein Directive. He has been actively involved in EU policies supporting SMEs and inspired the creation of the Euro Info Centres.

Mr Malosse was personally involved in the launch of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Delegation to the EU, becoming its president six years later. He also established the European Association of SMEs at the European Parliament.

Born in France in October 1954, at an early age he became firmly convicted that Europe has a key role to play in nurturing a sense of European citizenship. At age 16 he began exploring the cultures of Eastern Europe, becoming a fluent speaker of Polish and Russian. Anxious to gain on-the-ground experience, he began traveling and it was during one of his visits to Gdansk that he met Lech Walesa in 1976, with whom he shares a taste for freedom and aversion to any form of oppression.

Henri Malosse feels a strong sense of responsibility towards young people and has taught for many years in France, Poland and Russia. He founded a DESS post-graduate degree course in Strasbourg entitled European public policies.

Investment, Innovation and Economic Growth